The Funny Side of You

Just when they were told to be funny and wacky in front of the camera. Love the bubbly personality and spontaneity of these two. They gave us exactly what we wanted and even more. Shooting this couple was a whole lot of fun and exciting. It’s been a privilege working for them that day.

While the Sun Was Up

This guy runs out of juice to drink, luckily one of his friends was kind enough to pour in every last drop into his cup. The sun was out and it was warm, it’s no wonder everyone was thirsty.

A Match Made In Heaven

Do you believe in destiny? We do! Some people are meant to be together. One way or another, wherever life brings them they’ll meet and fall in love and spend a lifetime together. Having been a witness when this couple tied the knot, we can tell that they are indeed a “match made in heaven”.

Where All The Best People Gather

Weddings are definitely one of the best ways to bring your family, friends and loved ones together. And it sure is a joy to be capturing photos of people talking and laughing together. You see a lot of people saying their “hi’s” and “hello’s” and there are also those saying “pleased to meet you”. The…

Men In Shades

Three dashing men ready to seize the day! Who would agree that they look dapper in their clothes? Can you guess the best thing that these 3 have in common except for their sunnies off course? Well, it’s their smile. How many of you agree?

As She Prepares for Marriage

Here’s our beautiful bride smiling with so much joy and excitement. She’s about to get her hair and makeup done for her special day. I can still remember how excited everyone else in the room was that day. All eyes were definitely on her.

Come Away With Me

Another awesome shot from our team taken at a high angle. Loving this wonderful shot of our couple as they walked down the stairs hand in hand after the ceremony. How are you liking this shot? Feel free to leave your comments below! 🙂

Been There Done That

How are you liking this shot? Two people from two different generations walking in different directions but crossing their paths along the way. It reminds us to consider the advice of the elders (like our parents) as we make our choices in life. It’s not that they are right most of the time but it’s more of because…

The Perfect Backdrop

Here’s a nice view of the Estate at which Lena and Brice had their wedding celebration. The sun was out and was shining beautifully as if it was celebrating with us. Such a beautiful backdrop isn’t it? Our team had so much fun taking photos in this event.

A New Approach To A Weddings’ Guest Registry

Now here’s a new approach to having your guest registry on your wedding day. Instead of gathering names and messages from their guests, guests stamped their fingerprints into a photo. Their fingerprints would serve as the leaves of a once barren tree. Quite an interesting piece of artwork isn’t it? I can imagine how beautiful…