Family Is Everything

You just can’t beat a nice family photo. But other than that, you just can’t beat a family who stands by all the decision that you make in your life. Weddings are family occasions and it sure feels great to have each and every one of them around as you start building your own.

Men In Style

Who says’s men don’t pay too much attention to their looks? You see, weddings are just one of the rare occasions where men make extraordinary efforts to look great. And this guy here is just one of those who styled himself well. Was taking a selfie or just checking on his looks? Whatever the answer…

Sweet Moments

Ah, this is just so sweet! There’s always something special about the way a woman runs her fingers on her guy’s hair. Small gestures like this one truly make a guy’s heart flutter.  

Whoops… Girls Talk!

One of our photographers caught these ladies talking on one corner of the venue. Hmmm… I wonder what they could be talking about? Well, girls will always be girls and it could be about almost anything.

It’s Party Time!!!

It’s party time and time to enjoy the evening with some wine and dancing. And of course, a party is never complete without the party lights that helps you get into the groove as you party all night. Hope you are loving the streaks of light in this photo as much as we do. 🙂

Outdoor Fun

Campings are fun. It makes you enjoy the company of your friends and loved while being one with the great outdoors. What makes it even more special is the way friends help each other out setting up their tents even if they’re in their suits, dresses, and heels. 😉


It is always refreshing to see couples smiling on their special day. And we are fortunate to have captured that special moment when the Groom can no longer contain his happiness that he just thought of giving his Bride (now his wife) a spin. Such a lovely picture don’t you think?