Bride’s Wedding Shoes

There’s always something special about Brides and their wedding shoes. Shoes are every woman’s best friend and it’s not a surprise that they take time picking one. Weddings shoes add the final touches to a bride’s wedding ensemble and. Our Bride walked around on her special day with these lovely heels! How are you ladies finding this?

Happy and Proud

Yet another one of our favorite photos from the wedding in France. Just love how this lovely couple posed in front of the camera. You can feel how happy and proud they are to have each other and to finally tie the knot.

The Groom and His Squad

The Groom and the squad of his best men.  We could hardly remember how many times we cracked up with these guys. It was so much fun to shoot them, such an amazing people to be with.

Caption This!

A picture can indeed paint a thousand words and this photo here is one good example of it! One of the greatest things to love about Photography is the way Photographers give life and emotion to photos even if human emotion itself is not present.  It takes a lot of skill and creativity to take…

Bridal Bouquets

A wedding is never complete without the bridal bouquet. Often times it is the bride who decides what blooms to include and how they are arranged. This one here is ultimately one of our favorites. It is layered to perfection with all the wonderful colors and textures in it. Definitely a nice finishing touch to…

Red Wedding Nails

Red Wedding Nails

Red has always been the color of love. If you can’t wear it on your wedding dress, wear it on your nails. Red nails are a timeless classic but it’s not too often that we see Brides wearing them. It is refreshing to see Lena – the Bride on a Wedding that we shot in…