Entertainment At It’s Best

Privileged to have heard someone play the trumpet during Brice and Lena’s wedding. This guy brought the entire crowd in awe with his exceptional talent. Happy to have taken his photo on this shot. Such a nice frame don’t you think?

Saying Adieu to Singlehood

Marriage marks the beginning of a new journey.  It’s a new story to write with the same faces and characters by your side. New people will come but real friends will always stick around. We are loving this shot as two friends kiss the bride as she bids her singlehood goodbye.  

Bride’s Wedding Shoes

There’s always something special about Brides and their wedding shoes. Shoes are every woman’s best friend and it’s not a surprise that they take time picking one. Weddings shoes add the final touches to a bride’s wedding ensemble and. Our Bride walked around on her special day with these lovely heels! How are you ladies finding this?

A Lifetime of Togetherness

“Faith makes all things possible. Love makes all things easy.” – Dwight Moody. Surely the road to forever can get really bumpy at times and there’s no taint of doubt that these two will get through all of it just fine. Such an amazing couple. Congratulations and best wishes!    

Getting Into the Groove

Yup, they were good dancers. Couldn’t be happier to stick around up to their night party and take a snap shot of groovy moments like this. It was indeed a whole night of fun and laughter. We really enjoyed every bit of it!

Let Loose and Have Fun

Another awesome shot from Brice’s and Lena’s wedding. It always feels great to be with people who know how to have fun and doesn’t shy away from the camera. It makes our job as a photographer as easy as counting 1 to 3. Definitely, one of the best weddings the team has done so far.…

Fun Times Be Like…

Fun times be like… It all seemed as if this couple are really good dancers in this pose.  The weather was perfect, the lighting was great and the mood was at the best.  We are so liking this shot. It’s such a great pleasure shooting this two.

From This Day Forward

Yet another beautiful hand shot from our team that says “From this day forward, you will never have to face the world alone again”.    Ahhh there’s just something about hand shots that melt your heart just by merely looking at it. Do you agree?

Dressed to Impress

The Groom – be like… This just goes to show that Grooms also pay attention to their looks as much as their Brides do on their wedding day. After all, it is their BIG DAY too!