Whether you’re looking to join the team for full time/part time photography jobs, or perhaps looking to fill some free weekends, we’d love to discuss the possibility of you joining our team as a lead, second, or third shooter.



There are three important qualifications for all of our associates.

  1. Great personality You don’t have to be the most talkative or the most outgoing person that we will know. It is a plus, but not of too much importance. However, both our clients and our lead photographers appreciate honest, genuine, and easy-to-work-with individuals.
  2. Minimum Equipment – We are strong believers of a true photographer’s abilities to create lasting imagery even with minimal equipment. However, the wedding industry is a client serving industry, and with that comes the importance of client perception. As such, we’ve established a minimum set of equipment, as well as a preferred set of equipment to use. In order to be an associate of JSE Photography, we require you to have access to, either by owning, borrowing or renting, the following equipment:
    • Camera Body
      • Minimum – Canon 5D Mark II and above, Nikon D700 and above
      • Preferred – Canon 5D Mark III and above, Nikon D750 and above
    • Lenses
      • Minimum – At least one fast, fixed-aperture zoom lens (24-70mm f//2.8, or 70-200mm either f/2.8)
      • Preferred – Full set of fast lenses at fixed apertures, including a 50mm, 24-70mm f/2.8, and 70-200mm f/2.8
    • Lighting
      • Minimum – Canon 580EX or Nikon SB700
      • Preferred – Canon 600EX or Nikon SB5000, Flash Diffuser, PocketWizards or other wireless flash triggers
    • Memory
      • Minimum – 16GB of storage of any brand
      • Preferred – 128GB of storage in total.  Sandisk or Hoodman brands preferred.
  3. Creativity + Technical Skills – The last qualification is possessing both creativity and technical skills. These are developed over time with experience and training, but in general, it’s important that you start with a minimum foundation of these two skills upon which we can build.



We are seeking creative and motivated interns and lighting assistants to assist on shoots.


Experience Requirements:

  1. No Professional Photography Experience Required

Personality and Skills Requirements:

  1. Strong artistic skills
  2. Proficient general computer skills and familiarity with all basic software programs such as Windows, Word, and Excel
  3. Strong organizational skills
  4. Strong attention to detail
  5. Ability to learn new tasks very quickly



We are looking for the following types of contributors:

  • Staff Writer & Internship Writer – These are photographers/writers with wedding interests. These weekly writers develop & maintain a relationship with JSE Photography’s Partners. They provide relevant articles about the Wedding/Photography within the Netherlands. We are looking for people with excellent communication skills!



Drop us an email at contact@jse-photography.com with the job you are applying for!