At JSE Wedding Photography, our imagery style is upon your desires. We are creative, soft and romantic, but also fun and emotional. The JSE Wedding Photography team has designed a variety of photography styles that vow to provide you with a unique wedding imagery. We consider ourselves not only as photographers but artists who create unique and expressive wedding collection for your satisfaction.

We identify ourselves as commercial wedding photographers, and as such our approach to your wedding photography needs is a combination of a variety of photography styles and techniques. Background, lighting, and client preferences are among the most important factors that we consider in meeting your demands and expectations. If you happen to have a preference towards a specific photography style please let us know during our initial meeting.




Our JSE Style can be defined as natural, high definition, vibrant and clean. The aesthetic of the image is expressed with accurate skin tones and colorful scene.
Some examples:



Our Soft & Romantic Style can be defined as harmonized with film textures and tones. This style offers a romantic atmosphere to the overall picture.
Some examples:



Our Dramatic Style can be defined as contrasty, and moody. This style offers a dramatic atmosphere to the overall picture and distinguishes the subject with strong light compared to the background.
Some examples:



Always searching for the specific symmetry, angles, mirrors… You’ll see our photographers sneak around various elements within the room to find THE perspective.

Last but not least, we know the tremendous effort you put in the details of your wedding, from the dress and the shoes to the floral arrangement and the rings. We will make sure to capture every detail with the same attention and techniques as you would do.

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