Beautiful, lush and fresh…

Here’s what Solene has for her bouquet. Beautiful isn’t it?  It’s lush and fresh. We can stare at this beautiful flowers all day but unfortunately, we had to let it go. The bouquet may have already dried out but not on this one. Surely a nice keepsake for the bride. 🙂  

Man Of the Hour

The Groom with his best pals on his big day! This is exactly what fun times are like when you’re out celebrating with your squad. Such an amazing display of spontaneity and fun loving character. Our congratulations to the groom – Bastien! 🙂

Behind the Doors

Here’s a glimpse of what goes on inside the Bridal Suite hours before the wedding. Everyone was just so getting the makeup and hair do’s of the girls done. Do you think it’s as busy back in the Groom’s suite?

Perfect Frame

Now here’s a framed shot of the couple with their friends. Hope you guys are liking it as much as we do. It’s always fun shooting events when people are up to getting nice photos like this one. Our photographer really did a good job with this shot. Cheers!

Best Day Ever!

Weddings are always fun and festive especially when guests are this huge. It was indeed truly a privilege to shoot for Solene and Bastien’s wedding. Lot’s of nice and joyful people to talk to, mingle and shoot. Got a lot of nice photos in our haul to share with every one of you. Best Day…

The Funny Side of You

Just when they were told to be funny and wacky in front of the camera. Love the bubbly personality and spontaneity of these two. They gave us exactly what we wanted and even more. Shooting this couple was a whole lot of fun and exciting. It’s been a privilege working for them that day.

While the Sun Was Up

This guy ran out of juice to drink, luckily one of his friends was kind enough to help him pour every last drop of it into his cup. The sun was out and it was warm, it’s no wonder everyone was thirsty.

A Match Made In Heaven

Do you believe in destiny? We do! Some people are meant to be together. One way or another, wherever life brings them they’ll meet and fall in love and spend a lifetime together. Having been a witness when this couple tied the knot, we can tell that they are indeed a “match made in heaven”.