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Whether it is Facebook discussion, whatsapp compliments or emails, here are a couple feedback we received over 2017

Testimonials from theperfectwedding:

JSE Wedding Photography

  1. We had the chance to have two photographers of the JSE Wedding Photography team for our wedding and it was an astonishing success. They managed to explain us about the differences between their photography styles and helped us understand what we liked precisely in the pictures that we sent us. Based on this work they understood our expectations and delivered everything we expected and way more! The JSE Wedding Photography team told us they were a newly composed team, but their professionalism and passion really did the job. They even provided us with tips about how to plan the picture throughout the day and answered most of our questions, even sometimes not photography related. We had a wonderful day and evening, and they manage to capture the entirety of the wedding without a flaw.
    We can but just highly recommend them for your wedding.
    Finally, we would like to address a personal thank you note to Julien; our main photographer; for his time, patience and tips during the entire process.
  2. Photographer very attentive, work of high quality, very responsive in the answers, I highly recommend JSE.

In the Wedding Press:

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